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NFL Lockout: Judge Rules Against Owners In TV Funds Issue, But Will This Force Sides To Compromise?

On Tuesday, Judge David Doty overturned an earlier ruling that would have allowed NFL owners to receive $4 billion in TV revenue even if a lockout of the players occurs. Doty found that the TV contracts violated the collective bargaining agreement, making them null and void.

This is definitely a win for the players' union, but Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver believes this ruling should make the sides reach a compromise that will eventually result in a new collective bargaining agreement. He believes that the owners and the players will temporarily extend the current CBA past the March 3, 11:59 p.m. ET deadline and then reach a new one within a week or two. But Silver qualifies that with both sides having "reasonable and logical reactions" to this ruling.

The sides will negotiate again on Wednesday, and there's some "cautiously optimistic" hope for what happens today. Stay tuned today for more on these developing issues.