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NFL Lockout 2011: Players' Request For Injunction Reportedly To Be Heard April 6

The first of what could be a series of legal actions in the ongoing 2011 NFL Lockout could begin on April 6 when a preliminary hearing for an injunction against the owners' lockout is scheduled, reports Jason La Canfora of The case that will be heard is Tom Brady vs. NFL. It will be argued in Minnesota in front of Judge Susan Nelson, not David Doty, who previously heard cases involving the NFL.

Several weeks ago, Doty had ruled against TV contracts that would have paid the NFL $4 billion even if a lockout prevented games in the fall. With Susan Nelson the presiding judge, this could change the nature of the coming court fights.

If the injunction is granted, the NFL would likely appeal the ruling, which could take a few weeks to be heard. If the appeal is denied, then free agency and trades could happen before a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached.

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