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NFL Lockout 2011: NFLPA Decertifies Following Collapse Of CBA Negotiations

Multiple sources are reporting that the NFL Players Association has decertified following the league's refusal to turn over 10 years worth of financial records. This now paves the way for individual players to bring legal action, likely an injunction, against the league. But first the owners will need to lockout the players, which would prompt such legal action.

It should be noted, though, that decertification of the union can be undone at any point in time.

According to the NFLPA's own statement, it will continue to look after the interest of its players, both current and former.

Last week, the owners and the players union had agreed to extend the negotiating period for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement until Friday, March 11, but in the end neither side was willing to reach a new agreement. Now the courts and the lawyers take the stage.

This move and any resulting changes, however, will not affect the NFL draft, which is scheduled for April 28-30.

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