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Perrish Cox Alleged Sexual Assault Case: Preliminary Hearing Waived After Ruled Open To Public

Perrish Cox's preliminary hearing for his alleged sexual assault case has been waived by his lawyer following a judge's ruling that it would be open to the public, reports the Denver Post. Cox's lawyer wanted the preliminary hearing closed to the public because he believed the information released could prejudice the potential pool of jurors.

The court documents for the charges are sealed and a petition by the Denver Post and other media outlets to have them opened was rejected back in January.

Cox was arrested in Lone Tree, Colo. on the night of Dec. 9, 2010, for an alleged sexual assault that took place in early September. The sexual assault was reported to the police on Oct. 28.

Cox was a rookie during the 2010 season and played in 15 games, starting nine, and amassed 58 tackles and one interception. He missed the game in London with the San Francisco 49ers to recover from a concussion. Police were informed of the possible sexual-assault charge around that time.