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2011 NFL Draft: Broncos Hold Private Workout With Von Miller, According To Report

On Wednesday, Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller impressed the scouts who were in attendance for the Aggies' Pro Day workout. He ran a sub-4.5 40-yard dash to help his already rising draft stock. Now, according to the National Football Post, the Denver Broncos, who attended the Pro Day, are having their own private workout with Miller today.

Miller has entered the draft conversation for the Broncos in recent weeks, though linebacker is not a need for the Broncos right now. Still, Miller appears to be turning into one of the top overall talents in the draft. The big question about him is, what position does he play? Is he linebacker or a defensive end? A hybrid of the two is more likely, which would've worked better in a 34 defense. Elvis Dumervil played that role for the Broncos in 2009, and will move back to the line in 2011 (as will Robert Ayers) with a 43 front.

Is this ploy by the Broncos to create enough interest in a number of players in order to eventually trade the selection? With rumors circulating that the Panthers are targeting a quarterback at No. 1, the Broncos hold perhaps the key draft pick in the first round. And if a new collective bargaining agreement can be reached before the end of April, trading picks should be easier with a new rookie wage scale. The Broncos could create a bidding war for the pick and reap the rewards.