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Broncos' Champ Bailey Discusses New Contract

Fresh off signing a new four-year contract with the Denver Broncos, cornerback Champ Bailey is now making the rounds to discuss what exactly went on over the last several weeks. While it looked nearly impossible for him to return, Bailey always wanted to stay in Denver and he and the Broncos obliged each other.

Speaking recently on 104.3 the Fan, Bailey addressed a number of questions. In describing the whole process Bailey said, "[N]ow I am certain where I am going to be and I am happy about it." It's a stark contrast to the recently-traded Carmelo Anthony, who only wanted to get out of Denver to be happy. And mentioning that the current collective bargaining agreement is set to expire, Bailey believed it was better to get his pay day now instead of whenever free agency started under a new CBA.

Bailey also mentioned that he believes the team is close to being a championship-level team. However, he wants stability on the team, something missing recently. As for head coach John Fox, Bailey has only met him once but came out of that meeting with a positive impression, saying, "He is a guy that you are probably going to want to win for."

The only question right now, for everyone, is when Bailey and the Broncos will start winning games for Fox.