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Former Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe Already Has NFL Hall Of Fame Mouth

Later tonight (5:00 p.m. MT), the latest inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame will be announced. Denver Broncos fans will wait with bated breath to hear if Shannon Sharpe will have his bust appear in Canton later this year. Sharpe will wind up there one day, but we already know that he has a Hall of Fame mouth. Remember this from the 1996 season?

Sharpe gets on the phone and jokingly acts as though he is talking to the President: "I'm calling the president. 'Mr. President, we need the National Guard. We need as many men as you can spare, because we are killin' the Patriots. So call the dogs off. Send the National Guard, please.'"

The Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots that day (Nov. 17, 1996), 34-8. The Patriots, though, would go on to lose the Super Bowl that season to the Green Bay Packers.

Perhaps Sharpe's challenger for most lively player in this year's Hall finalists is Deion Sanders, who was known for his flash both on and off the field. Sanders is considered a lock to make the Hall this season, his first year of eligibility.

Sharpe has been a finalist each of the previous two seasons, but will the third time be the charm?