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2011 NFL Draft: Colorado's Jimmy Smith Speaks At Combine

On Friday, there was a report from a Detroit beat writer that the Lions would not look at Colorado Buffaloes cornerback Jimmy Smith with the 13th overall pick because of off-the-field issues that teams were aware of already. Smith addressed that and several other questions during Sunday's combine activities.

According to Gary Miller, Smith wrote off those issues as "youthful mistakes [during] freshman year." However, teams have asked him about it over the last several days. Smith, it turns out, had been charged twice for possessing alcohol as a minor and had a positive drug test.

Moving on from that, Smith then discussed comparisons others have made between him and one of the top corners in the league, Nnamdi Asomugha. Smith "believes he has better ball skills." Nothing like a little boast to pique interest, right?

Smith noted as well that he hired Drew Rosenhaus as his agent recently to get "better representation." Rosenhaus is known to be a tough negotiator, and this move could drop Smith's stock a bit.