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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Would Nick Fairley Go To The Broncos At No. 2 If Carolina Looks Elsewhere?

If there is one player who could skyrocket up draft boards and potentially become the No. 1 overall pick, Auburn's Cam Newton certainly could be that guy. Private workouts and such are driving Newton's stock up. Could this lead the Carolina Panthers to go with the quarterback? Though Carolina draft Jimmy Clausen in the second round of last year's draft, his play in 2010 has led many to question his viability as a starting quarterback, losing something rather than gaining anything during the season. Quarterback has been identified as the second-highest need position for the Panthers.

If the Panthers go that direction, as Mocking the Draft's latest mock has occurring, where does that leave the Denver Broncos? Not much of different, really. Newton's teammate, defensive tackle Nick Fairley, would be available for the Broncos to select at No. 2. MTD has the Broncos selecting Fairley, and here's the comment:

Fairley is an ideal fit for the 4-3 defense. A disruptive force and powerful at the point of attack, Fairley will be a difference maker from day one for this defense.

We know Fairley is blessed with talent, but he has been lazy at times and immature in his actions on the field. Will John Fox want to take that chance? And although Champ Bailey recently re-signed with the Broncos, don't discount the possibility of LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. Peterson has been, is and will continue to be in the discussion at No. 2. He could eventually turn into a top safety if he doesn't stay at cornerback.