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John Elway: 'We Want Champ. . .'

Back when John Elway was hired, transparency was a key word used throughout his press conference. He wanted the fans to know what the Denver Broncos were doing to help get this team back on track. Shortly after his hiring, John Elway joined Twitter in a move of transparency.

He used it to communicate during the head coach hiring process and now he's letting us know what's happening with Champ Bailey. In a series of tweets, Elway said that re-signing Bailey is "an important priority" and called talks "constructive." He then finished with: "We want Champ to finish his Hall of Fame career as a Denver Bronco."

The question remaining, however, is if this is really transparency. The reported stumbling block to a deal has been guaranteed money, but there's no mention of that in the tweets. Transparency or spin? Depends on which side one takes.