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Denver Broncos Vs. Chicago Bears Miscellaneous Odds

It appears that the odds makers are wondering if the Denver Broncos need some Tebow Time against the Chicago Bears this weekend in the Mile High City. Over at Bodog, the Broncos have 7/2 odds for trailing in the fourth quarter and pulling off the upset. The odds against that happening are 1/5.

As Han Solo would like to say, "Never tell me the odds!" Tim Tebow, like Han Solo, will be wagging his finger while saying that to the odds makers. Oh, and then he'll also deliver that late victory for the Broncos again.

Of course, we could also look at it like this: the odds makers don't think the Broncos will be trailing in the fourth quarter because they believe the Broncos will be leading for the entire time in that final frame. Denver is already favored by a field or more ion the lines.

Other odds Bodog has put out have the Broncos as 25/1 favorites to win the 2012 Super Bowl, up from 40/1 last week. That has the Broncos tied for 8th best odds with the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. Additionally, the Broncos are now 2/3 favorites to win the AFC West, which is really remarkable after the 1-4 start the team had this year. The Raiders have 37/20 odds to win the division.