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Week 14 NFL Picks And Predictions: Fox Sports' Peter Schrager Is All In On Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

Keep Fox Sports' Peter Schrager in the avowed Tim Tebow Fan Club. In his weekly cheat sheet, Schrager selects the Denver Broncos to win a close game against the Chicago Bears, 23-18. And the reason why? "All Tim Tebow does is win," obviously. There's no analysis and Schrager doesn't even mention Tebow by name. All he does include is:

Chicago at Denver: Like last week, this video is all I have to say: Watch it. Learn it. Love it. All he does is win, win, win.

The video is totally safe for work. It's just a photo of Tebow's head placed on someone's body in a song about "All I do is win." Schrager is certainly going with the flow on Tebow here. Is he going to get caught in an undertow or a riptide if Tebow stops winning?

Certainly we should enjoy this Tim Tebow success for as long as it last, but let's have a bit less of that video.

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