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NFL Schedule Week 15: Broncos Vs. Patriots Will Not Be Flexed

After rumors of an apparent quarrel between networks for broadcast rights, it's been revealed that CBS will retain its rights to broadcast the Denver Broncos-New England Patriots game on Dec. 18.

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The Denver Broncos are playing the New England Patriots on Dec. 18 in a heavily-advertised game that features two of the league's most polarizing quarterbacks in Tim Tebow and Tom Brady, and the television broadcast rights to the game are held by CBS. After some rumors cropped up about a possible conflict between networks on those broadcasting rights, it's been announced that CBS will retain the rights to the game.

Given the current NFL flex scheduling system, NBC is given the right to bump notable games onto Sunday Night Football roughly two weeks before the game is played, and the network understandably had its eyes on the marquee game. CBS obviously didn't want to give up the game, and now it appears that they won't have to.

That means that the game will be played on Dec. 18 at 12:15 p.m. MT, broadcasted on CBS. The Sunday Night Football game to be played on that same date is between the Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers.

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