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NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Denver Broncos Move To No. 8 In SB Nation's Latest Offering

Seeing is believing, and that's what SB Nation's Joel Thorman has to say about the Denver Broncos in his Week 14 NFL power rankings. Thorman moves the Broncos up to No. 8 from No. 15 last week and writes:

I'll admit it, it took me a while. But I'm finally buying in and putting the Broncos in the top 10. You can't ignore five in a row and the way that defense is playing.

The caveat there being that the defense was all that great against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Still, it's only the third game since the bye week that the Broncos allowed more than 15 points to an opponent.

And the Broncos could very well move that winning streak to six games after this Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears. While by no means should anyone believe the Broncos are guaranteed a victory over the Bears, things do fall in favor of them. Von Miller should return from his thumb injury while the Bears will have Caleb Hanie starting at quarterback and be without running back Matt Forte.

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