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Broncos Vs. Vikings Score Update: Minnesota Strikes Early With Safety

The Minnesota Vikings might have had the best play of the weekend -- and it came on a punt. Chris Kluwe punted the ball for the Vikings and his teammates were able to down it at the one-inch line. On the first play the Broncos ran, the Vikings picked up a safety and the 2-0 lead.

Jared Allen had great penetration into the end zone and was able to wrap up Willis McGahee before he could escape past the goal line. It was just a great all-around series of plays by the Vikings there, as well as a bit of bad play calling. McGahee was five yards deep into the end zone.

The Broncos defense, playing without Von Miller, were able to keep the Vikings offense from doing anything during the opening drive of the game. The punt and safety might just be flukes.

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