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Tim Tebow Will Be Broncos' Starter In 2012, Win Or Lose On Sunday, According To Report

Tim Tebow must surely be the Denver Broncos starting in 2012, right? Every couple of weeks we hear John Elway and John Fox lessen their guard on the coy position they've taken with Tebow for 2012. Yet, neither of the two has come out and explicitly said that Tebow is the starter.'s Jeff Darlington only adds to the murky area that is Tim Tebow in 2012:

Sources have indicated, regardless of the outcome Sunday, the Broncos plan to move forward with the mindset that Tebow will remain the team's starter in 2012.

Let's deconstruct that sentence. First, we have unnamed sources. Second, win or lose to the Kansas City Chiefs is irrelevant. Third, there is a "mindset" that Tebow is the starting quarterback. To put that another way, we're a step back from knowing whether Tebow is the starter heading in 2012. At least knowing John Elway said something like that has more credence.

Plus, a mindset isn't a real decision. It's something that could be easily changed.

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