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2012 NFL Coaching Candidates: Mike McCoy Speculated As Potential Hire Around League

Will any teams want to interview Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, who coached for Josh McDaniels and later helped move the team to the Tim Tebow offense?

Mike McCoy survived the regime change in Denver when the Broncos fired Josh McDaniels and hired John Fox. He remained the offensive coordinator through not only that transition but also the Tim Tebow one at midseason. On McCoy, Don Banks from writes in his 2012 NFL Coaching Carousel piece:

He's only 39, and the league is swinging back away from the ultra-young head coaching trend, but McCoy is the Denver offensive coordinator who justifiably has earned plaudits for helping Tim Tebow get ready for his starting shot this season. Changing offensive schemes in midseason is no picnic, but McCoy has pulled it off in Denver.

And McCoy worked for the poster boy of bad hires: Josh McDaniels. But put that out of mind. Is McCoy ready to become a head coach? Sure, he has transitioned the Broncos to a new offense midway through the season, but it is an offense geared toward running, running and running some more. It's not an offense he'd likely bring to a new job. McCoy would work with a quarterback who can throw, but even Kyle Orton had a mediocre time at quarterback for the Broncos with McCoy coordinating the offense.

Banks only lists McCoy in his third tier of candidates, the "other names to know" section.

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