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Week 17 NFL Picks: CBS Sports Sides With Denver Broncos And Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow and Denver Broncos need a win against the Kyle Orton Kansas City Chiefs in Week 17 of NFL action, but apparently it wasn't enough to draw the attention of the NBC flex schedule option. NBC has opted to show the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants contest that will decide the NFC East instead, but there is still plenty of intrigue surrounding the Broncos game on Sunday afternoon. Can Tim Tebow get the team back on track and make his improbable surge pay off with an AFC West division title? Will former Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton play spoiler?

The five-man panel at CBS Sports has released picks for Week 17, and the Broncos enjoy a slim 3-2 split in their favor for the contest. If it makes any difference to you, the two most accurate prognosticators on the panel, Clark Judge and Dave Richard, sided with Denver. Pete Prisco explained his prediction of a Broncos win like this:

Can Tim Tebow do what seemed unthinkable two months ago and get this team to the playoffs? Or is Kyle Orton going to ruin things for his former team? The Chiefs have played well under Romeo Crennel and they have a solid defense. Tebow has lost two consecutive games, and hasn't played well lately. Nor has the Denver defense. This will be tight, but the Broncos will find a way. Denver 20, Kansas City 19.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but an endorsement none the less. There are no style points in the NFL, so no matter how the Broncos can pull it out it still counts all the same.

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