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NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: CBS Sports Drops Broncos To No. 13

The Denver Broncos have dropped to lucky No. 13 in CBS Sports' Week 17 NFL power rankings. OK, maybe it won't be that lucky for the Broncos this weekend when they face the Kansas City Chiefs on New Year's Day. But then again, are we really going to believe ins silly superstitions?

Anyway, Pete Prisco dropped the Broncos from No. 10 to No. 13 and is wondering what is up with Tim Tebow:

Was that the real Tim Tebow against the Bills? Or can he bounce back to beat the Chiefs and win the AFC West?

Prisco has always been a doubter over Tim Tebow and the last two weeks have certainly given him fuel for the fire. Tebow was unable to deliver against the Patriots and then made things worse when he threw four interceptions against the Buffalo Bills last weekend.

The last time Tebow faced the Chiefs he was 2-of-8 passing and had that late 50-plus yard touchdown throw to Eric Decker to secure the victory. Win and the Broncos are the AFC champions.

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