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Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Looking At Another Drop Following Loss To Buffalo Bills

The Denver Broncos are looking at taking another drop in the various NFL power rankings after Saturday's loss to the Buffalo Bills. The team had peaked at No. 8 a couple of weeks ago.

The good thing for the Denver Broncos in the Week 17 NFL Power Rankings is that they won't fall that far since they are still in the AFC West lead. Another good thing is that the Broncos aren't concerned at all with where they will be ranked in subjective rankings like these (as if they ever were).

But since we do like to make lists and argue things out, the Broncos are going to fall once again. The Broncos averaged out to the No. 10 this week after peaking at No. 8. The team is likely to experience at least another two-spot drop following Saturday's loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The Cincinnati Bengals moved up to 9-7 after defeating the Arizona Cardinals and will likely jump ahead of the Broncos. The Bengals are in pursuit of an AFC Wild Card spot. The New York Giants might be in position to also move up after defeating the New York Jets (who should drop like the Broncos). The Oakland Raiders could also move up. After a disastrous defeat to the Detroit Lions two weeks ago, the Raiders pulled off an overtime victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders can clinch the AFC West with a victory and a Broncos loss on Sunday.

Power Rankings Prediction: 12 or 13.

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