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VIDEO: Leodis McKelvin Returns Denver Punt For TD, 10-7 lead

And just like that, the Denver Broncos are in a hole against the Buffalo Bills. After going three and out, the Broncos punted the ball to Leodis McKelvin. He then returned the ball for an 80-yard touchdown, but it did need to be reviewed. As McKelvin made his way down the sideline, it appeared that he might have stepped out of bounds. However, the referee upheld the call and gave the Bills the 10-7 lead.

This game could be a lot worse if the Bills had made those previous two missed field goals, but that's assuming a predetermined outcome for all of these scores. The Bills could have made that first field goal and that could have led the Broncos to scoring a couple more touchdowns. We can't assume that the game would be worse if the Bills did score earlier.

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