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Week 16 NFL Picks: ESPN Makes Broncos Over Bills A Nearly Unanimous Choice

The Denver Broncos are hoping that 2008 won't repeat itself; that was the last time the Broncos were in position for a playoff spot and had to play the Buffalo Bills late in the season. It didn't end well for the Broncos, nor did the following two years for the team. But if we believe the cast of characters over at ESPN, the Broncos are almost assured of victory.

Nine of the 10 ESPN panelists select the Broncos to defeat the Bills this Saturday. But do the rest of the AFC West selections play out in favor of securing the Broncos a playoff spot? The Broncos need the Kansas City Chiefs to defeat the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, and eight select the Chiefs to do that. 

If the Broncos and the Chiefs don't win, then the San Diego Chargers' game against the Detroit Lions matters of great import. The Chargers are taken eight times on the panel. Smells like another game for the Lions to pull out a last-minute victory over an AFC West team like they did against the Raiders.

Even Merril Hoge has everything coming up aces for the Broncos. He must want to see Tim Tebow in the playoffs.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Denver for updates, and for more in-depth coverage of the Broncos, visit Mile High Report. For more on the Bills, head over to Buffalo Rumblings. Check out SB Nation NFL for the latest news and notes around the league.