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NFL Picks Week 16: CBS Sports Prefers Broncos Over Bills, 3-2

The Denver Broncos are going to have a tough time against the Buffalo Bills, even though the Bills are on a seven-game losing streak. It's almost a do-or-die situation for the Broncos to make the playoffs; a loss just forces the Broncos to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs at Mile High during the final week of the season (other possibilities exist for that final game to settle the division).

Over at CBS Sports, the panel of five experts split their selection for this game, but in the end it comes down in favor of the Broncos, 3-2. Apparently Pete Prisco, who really doesn't like Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback, doesn't think the Broncos are going to win this game. This isn't really a surprise. Turning to picks against the spread, the panel still sticks with its same choices for this game.

In other AFC West selections, it's 3-2 in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs over the Oakland Raiders. If the Chiefs win and the Broncos win, the AFC West is Denver's. The San Diego Chargers game against the Detroit Lion becomes moot in determining the AFC West if the above scenario occurs, but four of the five panelists select the Chargers.

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