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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Denver Broncos Could Look At Washington RB Chris Polk

If doing a one-round mock draft in December is awfully presumptuous, doing a two-round one is an even harder task. However, over at Mocking the Draft, Dan Kadar attempts to piece together a two-round mock without any trades (those are always hard to predict). For the Denver Broncos, this means choices at Nos. 24 and 57 right now. Who does Kadar believe the Broncos will bring in during the draft?

With the first pick, Kadar predicts the Broncos would like Penn State defensive tackle Devon Still. We already went over Still in Todd McShay's selection of the defensive tackle, but it is enough to say that drafting Still would definitely be a good move for the Broncos -- at least from the vantage point of December.

With the No. 57 pick, the Broncos address the backfield:

57. Denver Broncos - Chris Polk, RB, Washington
If the Broncos want to be a run-first team going forward (which they should), help for an aging Willis McGahee is needed. Polk is a strong running back, and head coach John Fox may see a little Jonathan Stewart in his game.

This is also another solid pick for the Broncos. McGahee has had a resurgence as a 30-year-old back, but even that can't last for long. Lance Ball isn't an ideal backup and Knowshon Moreno has proven to be injury-prone. Moreno is more than likely to not be a Bronco next season.

Polk, 5-foot-11 and 222 pounds, rushed for 1,341 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2011. He will go up against the Baylor Bears in the Valero Alamo Bowl on Dec. 29.

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