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NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Denver Broncos Drop To No. 10 In RealClearSports' Ranking Averages

Just like in the individual NFL power ranking, the Denver Broncos dropped to No. 10 in RealClearSports' power rankings average after a loss to the New England Patriots. In the eight main power rankings that RealClearSports uses to make its averages, the Broncos moved from Nos. 8 or 9 to Nos. 10 or 11. The only one that remained unchanged was the Jeff Sagarin ratings at USA Today, which was No. 14. The actual average for the Broncos was 10.88, a loss of 1.88 from last week's straight nine.

The Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions moved ahead of the Broncos this week and by a good margin. The Lions have an 8.75 average, putting them at No. 9. A thrilling last minute comeback victory over the Oakland Raiders certainly hasn't led many to call them lucky.

The Green Bay Packers, despite a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, remained the unanimous No. 1 team this week. The Patriots defeated the Broncos and moved to No. 2 in the power rankings average. The Baltimore Ravens dropped out of the spot after a loss to the San Diego Chargers.

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