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NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Brian Billick Slides Broncos To No. 10 In Fox Sports' Set

The Denver Broncos haven't shaken others' confidence in them to a great degree after a loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday. In Brian Billick's Fox Sports NFL power rankings, the Broncos drop just two spots from No. 8 to No. 10. He cuts to the heart of the matter why the Broncos lost on Sunday:

The Broncos were able to accumulate 252 yards rushing, but if you fumble the ball three times and give up 41 points on defense, you aren't going to win too many games.

Lance Ball, Tim Tebow and Quan Cosby each had a costly fumble in the game, which the New England Patriots were able to take advantage of each time. Still, if one wants to talk about quality losses, this might be as close as one gets to having it.

The Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions jumped above the Broncos while the Dallas Cowboys jumped four spots to be right at No. 11, one spot behind the Broncos this week. The San Diego Chargers are the closes AFC West team, checking in at No. 16 after a four-spot move.

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