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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings: CBS Sports Drops Broncos Just One Spot To No. 10

Based on early returns, the Denver Broncos won't be dropping too far in the Week 16 NFL power rankings. CBS Sports' Pete Prisco, an avowed Tim Tebow non-believer, has moved the Broncos down just one spot, from No. 9 to No. 10. At least in his write up, Prisco keeps it simple:

If they win their last two games, they win the AFC West. But they found out just what happens when they face a team with an offense like the Patriots.

Yet neither the Buffalo Bills nor the Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos' two remaining opponents, have an offense like the New England Patriots That isn't to mean that the Bills and Chiefs will be easy victories for the Broncos -- they won't be. The Bills, despite a seven-game losing streak, could find that hot streak they had at the start of the season. The Chiefs will have Kyle Orton starting the last game of the season at Mile High, the quarterback's stomping grounds from earlier in the season.

The Detroit Lions, who beat the Broncos earlier in the season, made a two-spot jump to capture the No. 9 position the Broncos previously held. The Raiders (15), the Chargers (19) and the Chiefs (23) all remain behind the Broncos.

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