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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Should Fall With Loss To New England Patriots

The Denver Broncos saw its six-game winning streak snapped on Sunday with a loss to the New England Patriots. The Broncos will now drop in the Week 16 NFL power rankings.

After reaching No. 8 in multiple NFL power rankings last week, the Denver Broncos are likely to fall a few spots this week and almost assuredly out of the top 10. However, the Broncos loss was to the New England Patriots, one of the better teams in the league. It's not as though they lost to the Indianapolis Colts, which the Tennessee Titans actually did over the weekend.

How far will the Broncos fall? The Atlanta Falcons will likely rise above the Broncos in all of the remaining rankings that they did not place above them last week. They picked up a 41-14 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Detroit Lions picked up a last-minute victory over the Oakland Raiders and are 9-5 just like the Falcons. The New York Giants, though, lost to the Washington Redskins and should stay behind the Broncos this week.

In the end, we should expect the Falcons and the Lions to move ahead of the Broncos this week, but the Broncos won't dip that far. They are likely to still be ahead of both New York teams. The Dallas Cowboys could certainly move ahead of the Broncos.

Power Rankings Prediction: No. 13 or 14. The Broncos lost to a good team and are clearly not ready for the big show yet. Still, the Broncos remain in a good playoff position.

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