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NFL Picks And Predictions, Week 13: ESPN Split, 5-5, Over Denver Broncos Vs. Minnesota Vikings

More picks and predictions for Week 13 in the NFL have come out and maybe there's something I'm missing about this week's Denver Broncos game against the Minnesota Vikings. Take for instance ESPN's panel of 10 selectors. The five choose the Broncos and the other five choose the Vikings.

The Broncos are 6-5 overall and 5-1 since Tim Tebow took over as the starting quarterback. The Vikings are 2-9 and have those wins against the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers, hardly paragons of football excellence. Throw in the possible absence of running back Adrian Peterson and the Vikings are going to have an even tougher task.

Of course, one possible explanation is that those five who chose the Vikings just aren't buying into Tim Tebow still. But, remember, Merril Hoge is one of the ten panelists, so he does have something against Tebow.

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