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Tim Tebow Is A Miracle Worker, And Harvard Has Proved It (Maybe)

Tim Tebow is a miracle worker. No, he doesn't turn water into wine or turn a small amount of fish and bread into enough to feed thousands. All he does is win -- or some such nonsense. As Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post points out, a couple of Harvard student have statistically proven that Tebow has pulled out multiple miracles for the Denver Broncos.

Those Harvard students produced a short study, "A Statistical Analysis of the Miracles of Tim Tebow," which basically confirms what we've already known: the Broncos are in the right spot at the right time to do the right thing, or as the reports puts it:

[T]hey’ve been producing their best numbers at the right times.

And they go on to show this through some advanced stats one won't find in the box score, such as Win Percentage Added (WPA) and EPA (Expected Points Added).

The study goes on to chart how successful players have been at performing their best at the important times, and those quarterbacks used all saw a regression to the expected level of play. The authors call Tebow's future outlook "dire," for what it's worth.

Maybe Tebow coming through in the clutch all the time is unsustainable. We tend to doubt the longevity of such things. But when we start discussing miracles, the numbers need to be thrown out. Miracles are greater than that which attempts to prove or disprove them.