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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score: Tim Tebow Runs For TD, Readies Denver For Thrilling(?) Final Minutes

A 34-16 deficit in the fourth quarter for the Denver Broncos to overcome? Tim Tebow scoffs at those who believe he won't lead the comeback. He's already put one touchdown on the board in the final quarter, bringing the game to a 34-23 deficit.

Tebow found Demaryius Thomas for several big gains, but none more so than 39-yarder that put the ball at New England's 36-yard line. Then Tebow found Lance ball for a 34-yard pass to put the ball at the two-yard lune. Tebow followed with a two-yard run for his second rushing touchdown of the game.

With half of the quarter left, the Broncos still need at least two scores to win this game. Whether the team gets a touchdown, goes for two and then kicks a field goal or if it's just two touchdowns, don't count Tebow and the Broncos out just yet.

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