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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score: Lance Ball Puts Denver In 13-7 Lead

The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots appear to be having one of those games where we just throw defense out of the window. In the three drives in this game so far, the teams are a perfect 3-for-3 in scoring touchdowns. After Patriots took the 7-6 lead, the Broncos started the next drive with a 29-yard by Willis McGahee. Tim Tebow then threw his second pass of the day and found Demaryius Thomas for a 22-yard gain. Lance Ball then ran the ball 32 yards for the 13-7 lead.

Ball had a huge, gaping hole to run through there and was able to maneuver his way past Patriots defenders for the score. The play was reviewed to see if Ball was down before he broke the plane of the end zone, but it was upheld.

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