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VIDEO: Rick Perry Calls Himself 'Tim Tebow Of The Iowa Caucus'

Apparently Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry never got the message that one shouldn't mix politics and sports. OK, apparently a lot of people haven't gotten that message since lawmakers are trying to get involved in college football's postseason setup and the use of PEDs in professional sports.

Anyway, on Dec. 15, Rick Perry answered a question during the Republican presidential debate about concerns over his makeup and ability to overcome not only the polished current president, Barack Obama, but also his rival primary candidates. And the obvious comparison to make, at least to Perry, is Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Perry wants to show everyone that he is the "Tim Tebow of the Iowa Caucus." Because all Rick Perry is going to do is win?

via Houston Chronicle

But while he likes Tebow, Perry's believes the best Bronco is Von Miller. Perry and Miller are both proud Texas A&M Aggies. Aggie pride, right?