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Week 15 NFL Picks And Predictions: Peter King Picks New England Patriots Over Denver Broncos

Apparently Tebow Time is going to stop ticking this week, at least according to Sports Illustrated's Peter King. In his Week 15 NFL picks post, King predicts a 27-16 Patriots victory. Why? The Patriots are going to be able to score early and often against the Broncos defense, which will put the game out of hand early. Tim Tebow won't be able to overcome that big of a deficit in the fourth quarter.

But King does believe magic could happen for Tebow. And if there's one thing we know about Tebow, it's that there is magic, or whatever you call it, in the air when he plays. Until he loses, how can we doubt (and let's avoid Doubting Thomas comments)?

But even if King's scenario comes true, the loss wouldn't be disastrous for the team based on the rest of the selection. King sees the Kansas City Chiefs losing to the Green Bay Packer (obviously), the Oakland Raiders falling to the Detroit Lions (it's an extremely tough matchup) and the San Diego Chargers losing a close one to the Baltimore Ravens. The Broncos still remain in the AFC West lead.

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