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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Clemson DT Brandon Thompson Turned Out For Broncos In Draft Tek's Model

Making NFL mock drafts during the regular season is likely a model of futility because we don't know the final draft order, free agency can affect a team's plans and there are still months of evaluations to go. Nonetheless, speculation is always fun.

Over at Draft Tek, the computer model the team over there uses has plugged in Clemson Tigers defensive tackle Brandon Thompson for the Denver Broncos at the No. 24 overall pick. As the blurb on the selection points out, Marcus Thomas and Broderick Bunkley have provided solid play at the position for the Broncos at the position, though both are free agents. The Broncos, though, would also get back Ty Warren and Kevin Vickerson next season, two players lost to season-ending injuries. And that goes to show that a team needs depth at the position.

Thompson would be a solid addition as a run-stuffer. If he does spend as much time in the opposing backfield, as Scott Nelson writes in the blurb, the Broncos or whoever drafts him will have a great addition to the defensive line. But always keep in mind, there's four months to go.

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