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2012 Pro Bowl Voting Results: Tim Tebow Marching To Pro Bowl, Moves To No. 3 AFC QB In Fan Voting

Will Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow add Pro Bowler to his resume this season? It may very well happen, as he is now the No. 3 AFC quarterback in the fan voting portion for the Pro Bowl, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Tebow jumped Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to claim the new spot.

However, as Florio points out, fan voting is one-third of the voting results, the other two-thirds coming from the coaches and players. The players might be a tough group to get to vote for Tebow since a good deal of them will have been beaten by him.

Florio, however, still sees New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sitting out the Pro Bowl, which could allow Tebow to claim a spot on the roster. But, hey, Tebow Time might carry the Broncos all the way to the Super Bowl. Pro Bowl or Super Bowl? Super Bowl.

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