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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: Denver Broncos Are No. 8 In RealClearSports' Power Ranking Averages

The Denver Broncos almost made a clean sweep of the No. 8 position of this week's NFL power rankings -- among the eight major ones that RealClearSports uses in its weekly ranking averages. For Week 15, RCS calculates the Broncos' average position as No. 9, but that gives the team the No. 8 spot in the rankings average this week. The USA Today Sagarin Rankings are the outlier once again, putting the Broncos as the No. 14 team (can we make a BCS joke here? Tebow Time, Denver Broncos Time, intangibles -- all those we can't break down into a number). The Broncos come in at No. 8 in five other rankings and at No. 9 in the two remaining ones.

But, once again, we can see that there is a clear divide among the top 10 teams. The Green Bay Packers are clearly the No. 1 team while the Baltimore Ravens are the No. 2. The New Orleans Saints come in at No. 3, but there is a 1.38 gap between the Ravens and the Saints.

The next significant gap is between the No. 7 San Francisco 49ers and the No. 8 Broncos. The 49ers have a 6.63 average while the Broncos come out to a straight nine.

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