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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: Brian Billick Keeps Denver Broncos At No. 8 In Fox Sports' Set

One week ago, Fox Sports' Brian Billick became an avowed Tim Tebow fan after witnessing the Denver Broncos' victory over the Minnesota Vikings. This week, Billick is still in that corner and in his NFL power rankings he actually gets what is going on with the No. 8 Broncos:

I won't attempt to try and break this game down, but rather sit back and enjoy something special. Tim Tebow didn't do it all, but the quarterback always get all the credit and all the blame.

Can't we just live in the moment and partake in the awesomeness that Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos provide right now? For many, that seems too much to ask. However, the legions who were once out there against Tebow are fewer in number with each week. Tebow defeats his enemies by converting them into believers (but not in the religious sense, at least I hope not).

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