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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: CBS Sports Moves Denver Broncos To No. 9

Without a loss to a few of the teams ahead of the Denver Broncos, it was going to be hard for the team to move up in this week's NFL power rankings. In CBS Sports' power rankings, the Broncos made just a one-stop move this week, moving from No. 10 to No. 9. They made that move with the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the New York Giants, which should come as no surprise.

But will this be the highest the Broncos reach. Pete Prisco wonders what will happen in this Sunday's game against the New England Patriots:

During Tim Tebow's 7-1 run, they have faced a lot of bad offenses. Now they face a really good one in the Patriots. Can he do it again?

Maybe Tebow will be "forced" to win another game with his arm, like he did against the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears these past two weeks. Of course, let's not forget that Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller will want to introduce themselves to Tom Brady several times in the game.

Let's not count this one a loss before it even begins.

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