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Denver Broncos Planned On Playing Tim Tebow And Then Start Rebuilding, According To Report

The Denver Broncos reportedly planned to start Tim Tebow for a few weeks before starting a rebuild. And just how wrong has Tim Tebow proven that plan?

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Winning makes a believer out of everyone, as Tim Tebow has proven recently. It even makes the Denver Broncos believe in Tim Tebow. Back when John Fox made the decision to start Tebow at quarterback, it was part of a plan to satiate the fans' desire for the second-year quarterback to see him play before starting a rebuild, reports's Michael Lombardi. As he expounds:

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a high-level NFL executive who told me, based on talking directly with the Broncos, that the team's original plan was to play Tebow a few weeks for the fans, and then start with the rebuilding process. Tebow was former coach Josh McDaniels' pick and the Broncos, according to this executive, wanted to move on. They wanted nothing to do with the McDaniels' regime.

And as we all know, Tebow has destroyed more and more of his enemies each week by converting them into believers, most especially coach John Fox and vice president John Elway.

Even if the Broncos somehow wind up losing the three remaining games on the schedule, Tebow has certainly done more than enough to enter 2012 training camp as the starting quarterback. Certainly the Broncos would do well to draft a backup quarterback in April since there are no other quarterbacks under contract next year other than Tebow, but any talk that the Broncos should move up to draft a Robert Griffin III or Matt Barkley should be put to rest.

Tim Tebow is now and Tim Tebow is certainly the immediate future.

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