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VIDEO: Robbie Gould Kicks 57-Yard FG For Chicago Bears Record

The Denver Broncos have been on the wrong end of a couple of field goal records. In the season opener against the Oakland Raiders, Sebatian Janikowski tied the longest field goal record that Tom Dempsey and former Broncos kicker Jason Elam shared.

Then on Sunday afternoon, the Broncos allowed Robbie Gould to set the Chicago Bears' franchise record for longest field goal at 57 yards.

Gould came out onto the field for the field goal attempt with the start of the fourth quarter. Gould nailed it straight down the middle. There was no doubt about it ever going through the uprights. He gave the Bears a 10-0 lead and made Matt Prater's earlier blocked field goal loom large for the Broncos. However, Tim Tebow likes these situations.

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