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Bears Vs. Broncos Score: Devin Hester Punt Return Sets Up Chicago Touchdown

The Chicago Bears have scored what might be the decisive drive of the game, as they now hold a 7-0 lead late in the third quarter. Britton Colquitt had pinned Devin Hester on the sidelines with his latest punt, but Hester did his thing and emerged with a 26-yard return and a drive to start on the Denver Broncos' 42-yard line. Marion Barber was instrumental on the drive, picking up 36 yards and the touchdown on the drive. Rookie safety Rahim Moore missed a couple of tackles on that drive, including the one that Barber shed to score the touchdown.

Are the Chicago Bears just being set up to be the latest victim of some late Tim Tebow magic? It certainly looks that way right now. Tebow wants those high pressure situations.

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