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Bears Vs. Broncos Halftime Score: Ineffective Offenses Leave Game Tied At 0-0

The Denver Broncos and the Chicago Bears are deadlocked in a game of mostly harmless offenses. At halftime, the Broncos and the Bears are deadlocked at zero. Both teams had late opportunities to put points on the board and take what would have felt like an insurmountable lead. The Bears' last drive of the half stalled just a few yards into Broncos territory and resulted in Caleb Hanie nearly throwing an interception into the hands of Chris Harris. However, Harris wasn't able to come up with the pick, forcing the Bears to punt.

The Broncos attempted a 28-yard field goal on the previous drive, but it was blocked by three Bears players.

Tim Tebow had several nice runs, including a bruising (for his opponents) 16-yard first down run, but that was the drive that ended with the block. He is 3-of-13 for 45 yards with one interception. He's rushed the ball four times for 27 yards.

Willis McGahee, dealing with a knee injury, has been rotated in and out so far, picking up 33 yards on 12 carries Jeremiah Johnson and Lance Ball have already appeared in the game.

The Broncos have won the first half battle of ineffective offenses with 135 total yards to the Bears' 84.

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