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VIDEO: Matt Prater Field Goal Blocked By Chicago Bears

The way Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and the Chicago Bears is going, a field could decide the outcome of this contest. As it stands, the Broncos missed a chance at taking a 3-0 lead after three Bears defenders blocked Matt Prater's 28-yard field goal attempt. This was the first successful block of a Broncos field goal since 2005, according to Broncos PR Patrick Smyth.

The drive was promising enough. Tim Tebow had a 16-yard run on 3rd-and-15 to keep the drive alive in his own territory. A roughing the passer call put the Broncos inside Bears territory, but once the team entered the red zone the drive stalled and the team attempted the blocked field goal.

This game doesn't appear ready to open up the scoring anytime soon.

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