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Bears Vs. Broncos Score: Chicago, Denver Scoreless After 1st Quarter

The Chicago Bears and the Denver Broncos had a quiet start to the game on Sunday, as they are tied at zero after oe quarter. It was mostly an exchange of punts. The Bears' Caleb Hanie was often under pressure by the Broncos defense and was bull-rushed by D.J. Williams for a sack. The Broncos weren't getting anything on offense when Tim Tebow was using options plays.

When the Broncos did start to get some offense going, Tebow was making passes to Demaryius Thomas and Matthew Willis, bringing the team into Bears territory. However, Tebow threw an interception once he went in there. Charles Tillman caught the ball on the sideline while basically on top of Matthew Willis and was able to keep possession of the ball while also getting two feet on the ground.

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