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Charles Barkley Is 'Tebowed Out'

Former NBA player and now studio analyst Charles Barkley took to the radio waves on Friday in Chicago and told a sports talk show that he wants the Chicago Bears to put an end to (Tim) Tebow Time and the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Why (via the Denver Post)?

"I'm just so tired. ... I like Tim Tebow. He seems like a good kid, and I wish him success, but I am Tebowed out. So this is my personal plea for you three guys, please stop this madness."

Those three guys are linebackers Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher and defensive end Julius Peppers, the top defenders on the team. Sure, they'll have plenty of say on the field with their play in the game, but the Bears have been talking all week about taking care of Tebow this week.

Now, Barkley did later go on to say that the media is creating this Tebow story and that "to have this argument every single day after five or six games is just ridiculous."

But no one wants to wait until the end of the season to actually evaluate Tebow, Charles!