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2012 Pro Bowl Results: Tim Tebow No. 4 In AFC Quarterback Voting

While Denver Broncos rookie linebacker Von Miller likely warrants a selection to the 2012 Prow Bowl right now with his 10.5 sacks in 11 games, there does appear to be a push for Tim Tebow to make the AFC Pro Bowl roster. No, he isn't even in the top three of voting yet, but he's getting close. Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio asked the NFL and found out that Tebow is No. 4 in the latest 2012 Pro Bowl balloting for AFC quarterbacks.

he is behind only the New England Patriots' Tom Brady, the Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger and the Buffalo Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick. OK, Fitzpatrick is probably a bit of a head scratcher, but but he did have a strong start to this season before going into that lull like the rest of the team has done the last few weeks.

Win or lose until fan voting closes, Tebow will likely keep gaining more votes. But even if he doesn't make the top three in voting, injury or some other reason could prevent a quarterback above him from playing, as Florio points out.

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