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Donovan McNabb Released By Minnesota Vikings Days Before Game Against Denver Broncos

Kyle Orton is the only quarterback to get his release weeks after losing the team's starting quarterback position. The Minnesota Vikings announced on Thursday afternoon that Donovan McNabb was granted his release and sent to the waiver wire.

Like Orton, McNabb started the season as a starting quarterback, but his and the team's struggles brought an early end to a shot at the playoffs. He was benched for rookie Christian Ponder and has served as a backup since October.

And since the Chicago Bears were unable to get Kyle Orton, they might want to put in a waiver claim for McNabb. But this time they'll just need to wait out the Houston Texans, who lost Matt Leinart to a shoulder injury. T.J. Yates is the starting quarterback right now even with Jake Delhomme recently signed.

Of course, McNabb could just as easily pass through waivers unclaimed, which might just mark the closing of his NFL career.

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