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Tim Tebow Barely Edges Tony Romo In Player Vote On Most Overrated In NFL

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but the Sporting News conducted a midseason player poll to determine who the most overrated player in the NFL is. The answer: Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. But only barely since Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo finished just one vote behind. Of the 11 players from 31 teams that voted, Tebow was chosen as the most overrated by 22 players and Romo with 21 votes. New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez finished third with nine votes.

There are also two quotes attached to the article. An unnamed NFC defensive player thinks Tebow s overrated because the media has hyped him up far too much and he has yet to deliver on those absurd expectations. Another NFC defensive player also voted Tebow because he doesn't believe Tebow is a quarterback. However, he isn't sure Tebow could even be a running back or a tight end. But he is sure that Tebow is not a quarterback in the league.

Quite frankly, it seems too early to say that Tebow is overrated. He's barely played and is having growing pains, which he may not grow out of. The unnamed defensive player is correct in saying that Tebow is overhyped by the media, but hype does not equal rated--or something.

Just think about it this way. If a majority of people keep saying someone is underrated, it can't possibly be true. Either that person is overrated because he is underrated by so many or he's just a rated individual. That probably makes no sense, but a lot of sports talk is dumb and saying underrated and overrated is part of that.