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Denver Broncos Pondering Full Option Offense For Tim Tebow

Will the Denver Broncos go to a full option offense now that Tim Tebow is the starting quarterback? The team is deciding that, reports Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post. Two weeks ago, John Fox decided to gear his offense toward one that worked with Tebow's strengths. It didn't work out all that well, but on Sunday the team went to an option attack and piled up 300 rushing yards between Tebow and McGahee, both 100-yard rushers for the day.

But if the Broncos go to a full-time option offense, it is not without its pitfalls, as Legwold points out. The defensive line is usually in a position to overpower the offensive line, leading Tebow to leave the pocket quickly. That feeds into the second reason of Tebow playing to contact. If he runs, Tebow is going to be hit numerous times. Based on the 17 hits Tebow had in Sunday's game, Legwold projects that out to 272 hits over the course of a 16-game season.

That could potentially be damaging to Tebow's long-term future in the NFL. Just think back to the start of David Carr's career with the Houston Texans. While not playing in an option offense, Carr was sacked at a record pace and that drastically hurt his development (leave aside the poor team around him).

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